Co-Authors - work in progress

Francois Gillon, Retail Banking

As Head of the direct channels for Deutsche Bank in Belgium Francois helped the bank to define a vision for next generation banking, made it real, through the setup of a pan-European project and the daily experiments on mastering remote client interactions.

Patrik Halada, Governance - Sponsorship, Ownership, ...

Patriks fields of expertise are Bank IT and transformation projects with focus on analytics, SAP, architecture, project management and necessity of success.

Chandra Sekhar, Projects in India

Chandra is now an independent Consultant, was Chief Technology Officer of Bank of Baroda - India. He formulated and steered its bank wide movement for IT Enabled Business Transformation encompassing Technology, Business Processes and People. Areas of Expertise include Technology Strategy, Automation of Business Processes, IT-Business Alignment, Business Transformation, IT Governance and IT Implementation.

Siliva Schacht, Project Knowledge Management

Silvia is research assistant at the Chair of Information Systems IV at the University of Mannheim. Since 2009, she is researching in the field of knowledge management. In particular, she designs a project knowledge management system enabling project team members to reuse knowledge that already exists in an organization. Her themes of expertise are knowledge management, gamification and action design research.

Prof. Dr. Alexander Maedche, Project Knowledge Management

Alexander is full professor and chairperson of the Chair of Information Systems IV and managing director of the Institute of Enterprise Systems (InES) at the University of Mannheim. His themes of expertise are Banking Enterprise Systems (Standard Software in Banking), User-Centered Design and Future Retail Banking Experience

Axel Liebetrau, Banking - Customer, Needs, Benefits, ...

Axel is an international thought leader on innovation and future management, keynote speaker and entrepreneur with a passion and strong background in banking. He researches and teaches in the area of Open Innovation and Corporate Foresight in the top business schools in Austria, Switzerland and England.

Kris Hansen, Project Pre-Evaluation - Feasibility, Complexity, ...

Kris is a technology leader focused on leading teams that transform systems to align to strategic business objectives. He is currently Managing Director of the Management Consulting Axxiome, North America. Previous he was director of Solution Architecture at the Royal Bank of Canada, Managing Director, Enterprise Architecture at ATB Financial and Chief Architect on a large scale multi year initiative to completely transform the bank. 

Roger Dannerhauer, Mind-set

Roger .... 

Torsten Koerting, Turnaround Management

Torsten is a Project Management-, Consultant, Strategic Thinker, Author of several books and engaged as a speaker at many conferences. As Managing Partner at projectyzer he is specialised in supporting companies and organisations in reinventing and innovating their strategy as well as turning projects around that are in trouble. He worked in Europe, US and Australia for more than 20 years for global Blue Chips.

Hean Ong, Solution Overview - Batch Optimisation & Moderni...

Hean is an experienced architect and implemented several large core banking solutions in Europe, Australia, Japan and Thailand.

José Luis Castro Amaya, Banking Business Models, Complexity in Core Banking projects and Business Transformation before ...

José Luis has more than 25 years of experience in Banking Business Process, Enterprise Architecture, Banking Architecture, IT Process Management, Branch and Banking Automation and SAP Projects for the Banking Industry in Mexico and LATAM

Jeff Wolfers, Global projects

Jeff is an internationally experienced CIO and CxO level executive, at ease in the board room, with a unique and proven ability to change the landscape of information technology within global businesses and deliver value. He has strong experience in all aspects of Operations and IT: Development, Infrastructure, Operations, Planning and Strategy.

Varadarajan Narashimman, Solution - Current Operating Model ...

Varadarajan is a Core Banking SME expert with in depth understanding of complete Core banking Transformation life-cycle. He has been part of large scale transformation projects handling solution architecture and design. His domain expertise includes Retail and Corporate Asset and Liabilities products and Accounting.

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Moyra Mackie, Project Poeple - Leadship, Change Management, ..

Moyra is an experienced coach and consultant who helps clients in the banking and IT industries to work together more effectively and more collaboratively.  Her focus is developing leadership skills and open communication habits.

Brett King, Next Generation Banking

Brett is a bestselling author and the founder of the world’s first direct mobile-only bank Movenbank. He spends his time between speaking around the world on the topic of BANK 3.0, building Movenbank, and advising the world’s largest institutions and brands on improving their customer strategy.

Pierluigi Paganini, Cyber Security

Pierluigi ...

Francoise Caclin, Banking Past Project Successes and Failures

Francoise ...

You ?


Massimo Fabbro, The role of design

Massimo has more than 20 years of experience in branding and design consultancy in several industries for leading worldwide companies.

In banking, Massimo led some of the most recent best-in-class and innovative new branch concept design in Europe and in Middle East, applying a design approach that integrate business and operational understanding with design creativity.

Nitzan Levi, Using Packaged Software

Nitzan is a global banking solutions leader with great expertise on an end to end banking domains.In his career he designed and implemented different banking solutions (from channels to core ) and in the past years is one of the global leaders within the SAP Banking practice responsible for the global architecture and acceleration techniques.

Joss Ings-Chambers, Software Quality


Angel Santamaria, Project - Strategic and Organizational Fit

With +13 years of international experience in IT and Change Management, Angel has worked as Senior Management Consultant and Senior Project & Programme Manager for Fortune 500 companies, including +8 years in the Retail Banking industry implementing large scale strategic programmes in Spain, UK, France, Italy and Portugal. Main areas of work focus: Client Management (CRM), Business Intelligence, Call Centers, Internet and Host

Bruce Duthie, Banking System Conversion Program Delivery

Bruce is an experienced technology leader with a passion for innovation. He has lead a large core banking transformation as the Director, Banking Systems Solution Architecture. His focus is defining new strategies and leading the conversion to a better reality.

Anselm J. Fernandez, Business - Vision, Mission, Strategy

Anselm is an IT professional with over twelve years of experience; spanning geographies including New York, Boulder, Paris, Mumbai and Abu Dhabi.  He has worked in Financial Markets IT as a program manager, business analyst and in mission critical application support. Anselm has implemented high volume equity trading software moving millions of shares on the Nasdaq every day. 

Jochen Adler, How Social Software Platforms Can Help Manage The Complexity of Banking IT Transformations

Jochen has almost 20 years of experience in the IT/services industry (10 years serving the financial sector). He's worked as a software engineer, project manager, systems integration and management consultant, and in IT innovation management for one of the world's leading universal banks. 

Thomas Obermeyer, Technology Strategy & Integration Archi...

Thomas is the Strategic Architect in D-A-CH for a large German core banking vendor. With having over 10+ years experience in implementing and integrating standard enterprise software in a corporation's existing system landscape, his industry focus over the last 6 years was on the Retail Banking area. His main theme is how to transform a bank's core banking system and to establish a more flexible and agile architecture.

Adarsh Agrawal, Bank - Products, Services, Channels and ...

Adarsh has been leading implementations in Credit Management for multinational banks. He has worked with business and operation teams in banks, financial services, loyalty management and collections agency. He is keen to keep up the innovations, big or small, in designs and processes.